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Engraving & Personalisation Services

Engraving & Personalisation Services

Our on-site Production Team has over 40 years of combined engraving experience.  They fully understand the importance of your engraving needs and oversee the full engraving process from start to finish, ensuring control over your order at all times.

Trophies2u website displays over 15,000 trophies and award, most of which can be personalised to your exact requirements.

We use only the very best technology  with methods that include:-

Laser Engraving

This is our most popular method of engraving.  It provides precision engraving to materials that include most metals, glass, crystal and acrylic.

The laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks by removing layers from the surface of the material.

You can have your logos, crest and text laser engraved, giving a professional personalised stylish finish.

Sandblast Engraving

Sandblast engraving provides a beautiful effect and is used mostly on glass and crystal products.  It provides a permanent frosted finish with the design or wording etched into the surface.

We spray sand at high speed over the surface of the glass, this gives the glass a translucent surface, which is usually rougher than that obtained by etching. During sandblasting, areas that are to remain transparent are masked for protection.

Diamond Drag Engraving

Diamond Drag is a high quality, traditional form of metal engraving and is usually removes the top coloured coating to expose the bare metal underneath.

The tool used for diamond-drag is a diamond graver, consisting of steel shank with a conical pointed diamond embedded in one end.

We use this method is used to personalise larger items such as Large Salvers and curved items like Presentation Cups, Tankards and Hipflasks.


Sublimation printing is a popular method of colour printing which aims at transferring a design from sublimation paper onto a piece of fabric or material by using pressure and heat (between 350–400°)

We often use this method to print on metal signs, mugs and coasters.

UV Colour Printing

Brand new for Spring 2022, this printing machines means we can colour print on virtually anything!  Watch this space!

Centres for Trophies & Medals

This is a cost effective way to personalise your trophies and medals for your team, club, event, brand, or competition.

We have a range of Trophies and Medals that feature a circular disc  area that enables you to personalise with 25mm (1″) or 50mm (2″) full colour centres.

There are three ways in which this can work:-

(1) Choose from over 70 of our standard designs – ideal for transforming our multi-sport trophies or medals into sports specific trophies or medals.

(2) Upload your own centre artwork – a cost effective, popular method of personalising multi-sport trophies and medals with your team and club logo and company logo and event branding.

(3) Let us create your centre artwork for you, click on the button below to request a quotation.

Artwork for Logos & Graphics Requirements

Many of our trophies and awards allow for logo and graphic engraving;  if you would like to use this service up can use our online artwork upload facility which you will find on the product page.

Please note, logos and graphics must be a pure black and white EPS file and engraving for this is charged at £5.00 per item. Also, if your logo and graphic is in a different format, there may be a re-draw cost depending on the quality of the logo, we will quote for the re-draw before we do any work.

There is also a one-off set up charge of £15 for new logos and graphics. If your logo has already been used with us please tick YES on the product page.

If you haven’t got a logo or graphic to upload, you can still personalise any award or trophy with text engraving. Add a unique touch by simply typing your message into the engraving box on the product page.

If you don’t have your artwork or text ready, don’t worry, you can always send it to us at a later date. Click on the button below to use our Drag & Drop facility to upload  your artwork, alternatively, email our team: